Tom Berry is a seasoned real estate investor and teacher in the greater Houston area.

With a lifetime of experience in sales and management, he moved his successful financial services firm to Houston in 2006. Only a year later, the economic crisis of 2007 forced him to close the doors of his business. Determined to feed his family and build a business once more, Tom started studying the Houston real estate market. On January 1, 2008, he and his wife Melissa began their first real estate company, specializing in wholesaling distressed properties.

Since 2007 they have built and managed over 400 units at the peak, including single and multi-family properties, a mobile home park, and storage facilities. They now own and run a management company located in Galveston County, Edgewater Property Solutions, which oversees each of their properties. Tom is also the president of The Wealth Club in Houston. He and his family purchased this local real estate investor club in April 2013 and have plans for growing its resources and teaching others to become financially free through real estate investing.

In 2015 Tom & his partner, Donald Sutton, have formed a Hard Money lending company, Investor Loan Source, ( to help fellow investors with their projects. Please check out their website for the many loan types that are available.